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Commissions Prices sheet by xWhiteDreamsx Commissions Prices sheet by xWhiteDreamsx
Pixel commissions $5 usd
Qing Pixel Art by xWhiteDreamsx  Faithful Eyes by xWhiteDreamsx Crystal Tranquility by xWhiteDreamsx 

Page dolls $10 max 2 characters 
+5 for extra character
Arwen by xWhiteDreamsx  Errys Pagedoll by xWhiteDreamsx 
:bulletred: Custom pony  :bulletred:

There are two kinds of designs that I can do. 
- one created by my ( total freedom to create an oc from me to you ) 
- one with your own specifications 
one oc created for me to you not have a extra cost because I feel free to add accessories and other thinks 

About cutie marks: 
- if want to make a cutie mark, Please have a clear idea of what do you want 
- or leave it blank flank
(cutie mark not have a extra price, I give you a separated cutie mark in a great resolution and PNG file)

Things I will not do
- Gore thinks
- NSFW thinks (I can do a sexy pony)

About colors:
I am a colorful person and I love the colors, i love mix colors and put extravagant colors.
- Please make specific colors you want. 
- or if you want I do the color palette 
(any have a extra price)

Type of ponies that I can do and don't have a extra price:
- Mare
- Colt
- Filly 
- Deer ponies
- vamp pony 

Type ponies that can have extra price:
- complicated color palette (mixed colors in her skin or in the mane) 

Q: I can ask for a pony a specific topic?
A: yes I love do a different background pony 
- Halloween 
- x-mas
- spring
- autumn 
- any background type! 

Q: I can make or create a family history to my oc?
A: OF CURSE!! You can 

Q: I can sell the oc created by you?
A: sure you can, only tell me about that, I like know what happened to my creations and designs

Q: I can change the colors and add accessories to my oc?
A: yes you can, if you like buy one simple oc and add accessories yourself.

Q: How big is the image of my new oc?
A: 2000 x 2000" 

Terms of Service 
Bullet; Red I will not go any further than the sketch until I receive payment
Bullet; Red Points MUST go through the widget on my front page
Bullet; Red Be 100% sure before commissioning me. Once the payment is sent, I cannot give refunds after I've started work on it. 
Bullet; Red Once finished, I will give you a chance to say that something needs fixed or changed. I will NOT change a whole pose or re-do the image. Do not ask me weeks or months later to change something. 
Bullet; Red SAVE YOUR IMAGE. If I forget to add a "Download"option, you can always zoom in entirely and it will give you the full resolution. I always upload the full size.
Bullet; Red The completed image can be used for anything you would like. However, I'd appreciate it if you gave credit when linking to other website ;u;

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August 2, 2015
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